Digital Gazette

Can I view older digital issues?

Yes. Once you log into to the Digital Gazette, you can click on the "folder" icon at the top of the screen. This will open up a window with all past issues (dating back to 5/12).

The print is too small. Can I enlarge it?

Yes, by clicking anywhere on the page you can zoom into the page. 

Why don't I receive the Digital Gazette notice in my e-mail anymore?

There are no more monthly e-mail notices that the new digital gazette is ready. Now, instead of waiting for an e-mail with a new link and password on the 5th of every month to access the Digital Gazette, you can just view it directly online by clicking here anytime you like!

The new digital gazette will automatically be available on the 1st of every month. 

This link is also accessible on our website on the top right part of the screen on the button that says "Read The Latest Digital Gazette Online"

Because this is a new Digital system you will have to quickly enter your contact information so you can access the Gazette anytime in the future. All existing and new members have to do this but it is very quick. You must confirm your registration via the link in an e-mail you receive after signing up the first time!

I get a blank screen. Now what?

This may be for a few reasons:

Why do I get a Password Invalid error?

This may be for a few reasons: 

  • You are using an old password. When the new Digital Gazette notice goes out on the 5th of the month to all subscribers, the previous link and password are no longer valid. You must use the newest link and password information each month. 
  • Your caps lock is on. The passwords are always lowercase and never include numbers.
  • Mistyping the password. We do our best to choose passwords with letters that are not possibly interchangeable with like letters. Ex i's and l's
  • Copy & Pasting. If you copy & paste you may be copy with an extra space included. Also, some browsers reject copy & paste for password fields. Try typing it in. 
  • Browser Cache. If your browser stores login information for you, it may be trying to refer to the previous month's info. Clear your browser cache. NOTE - Because there are various browsers we suggest you Google "How To Clear (YOUR BROWSER) Browser Cache" if you do not know how to do this. 


Does the Digital Gazette work on Apple products (iPad, iPhone)

Yes! The Digital Gazette is now available on a digital platform that supports all mobile / tablet devices. In October 2012 we changed over from our original "flash based" platform to a new platform that supports Apple and other popular mobile devices. 

Who receives the Digital Gazette?

Gold and Silver members receive the digital gazette as apart of their membership. Junior members can sign-up for free and receive Digital Gazette access. 

To learn more about the Goodguys memberships - click here

To view / sign-up for the Digital Gazette - click here

When is newest the Digital Gazette published?

The Digital Gazette is automatically published on the 1st of every month

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