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Speed by Spectre Streamliner flies on the Salt!

Amir Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Speed by Spectre (the official air intake system of Goodguys) took the company car out for a Sunday drive at the Bonneville salt flats earlier this week and wound up not only getting his competition license but pushed the 499 ci twin turbo-charged streamliner to a new ABGS class record of 356mph! Not bad for his first competitive runs on the salt!

The Spectre team has had quite a week on the salt. On Monday morning, Rosenbaum was accelerating past 300mph when he heard a loud “Bang” inside the cockpit forcing a quick shut down. It turns out the car hit a pot hole or large chunk of salt which tore off the entire belly pan of the ‘liner. That’s when former Goodguys Trendsetter Troy Trepanier stepped in and tig welded the panels back together to send them back out!

Later Monday afternoon, Rosenbaum blasted through the course exit at an incredible 366mph! Simply put, the Spectre team is representing the hot rodding industry in fine style out on the salt! The company has set up a great blog detailing all the information about their journey this year as well as photos and videos. For more, visit http://spectreperformance.com/blog

And remember, you can always support Speed by Spectre’s land speed racing efforts by buying more of their high quality parts!

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