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Original Barris Batmobile Featured in Pleasanton

The original George Barris-built “Batmobile” will be on display at the 27th All American Get-Together this weekend at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds! A rolling piece of automotive history, the original Barris Batmobile was designed from scratch by Barris using a 1955 Lincoln Futura.

The car appeared in the original Batman TV series starring Bruce Wayne on American Television in the 1960s. This car was one of two ever built by Barris for the show and this particular model was the Batmobile designed for both television and movie use.

Recently restored and updated by Advanced Restorations of Sacramento, the Batmobile has been on tour for the last 40 years! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to see a rolling piece of automotive history right here in Pleasanton at the Goodguys 27th All American Get-Together, this weekend at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds.


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