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Goodguys to Honor Ford Mustang’s 50th Anniversary at 21st Summer Get-Together

-The iconic Ford Mustang is arguable history's most popular muscle car. Goodguys will honor Mustang's 50th anniversary with a special exhibit at the 21st Summer Get-Together!

-The iconic Ford Mustang is arguable history’s most popular muscle car. Goodguys will honor Mustang’s 50th anniversary with a special exhibit at the 21st Summer Get-Together!

One of America’s most iconic automobiles, the Ford Mustang celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this spring. Introduced to the masses April 17th, 1964 at the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York, the classic American muscle car has stayed the test of time, and is currently available at dealerships nationwide in its sixth generation. At the upcoming Goodguys 21st Summer Get-Together May 31st & June 1 at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds, an event featuring well over 2,500 show cars, Goodguys will celebrate all things Mustang honoring 50 years of “Pony Car” glory. Mustangs from the 1960s through current day models will be on hand as part of the special display.

No less than 75 Ford Mustang’s from all genres will be a featured attraction inside the Young California building as part of the large Mustangs-only exhibit. The cars will come from all over California. At the culmination of the event on Sunday, Goodguys will announce the top Mustang of the show.

Those familiar with the Mustang’s history understand its place in automotive history. At its 1964 unveiling, Lee Iacocca (then with Ford) pronounced the “Mustang would represent more things to more people than any other automobile on the road.” Backed by an unprecedented marketing blitz, the Mustang became an overnight symbol of personal freedom and moderately priced mobility to young people with big expectations. Even today in its current trim, it remains a popular car among high school students, college kids as well as middle aged weekend warriors.

Like most popular platforms, the Mustang is available in many different trim options. A quick visit to Ford’s website reveals 10 different models of Mustang available right now from your local Ford dealer! That’s unheard of! No other manufacturer offers more varieties of a specific model.

The Mustang’s popularity has been well documented in popular culture over the years. Steve McQueen drove a dark green 1968 Fastback Mustang on the streets of San Francisco in the action film Bullitt. The song Mustang Sally, recorded by Wilson Pickett in 1966, is about a man who buys a Mustang for his ungrateful girlfriend.

The Goodguys 21st Summer Get-Together is open from 8am-5pm Saturday May 31st and 8am-4pm Sunday, June 1st. In addition to the large outdoor car show and 50th Anniversary Mustang exhibit, the event features vendor booths, Goodguys AutoCross racing, a swap meet & cars for sale corral, FREE kids games and face painting, Tri-Valley Quarter Midgets, a custom bicycle exhibit, a pin striper’s “Brush Bash” (with some proceeds going to charity) and more! General admission is $18, kids 7-12 $6. Fairgrounds parking is $8.

Click here for complete event details!

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