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Tesla Motors to Attack Street Challenge Autocross in Pleasanton

Tesla Motors, producers of exotic electric powered sports cars, will be holding demonstrations and offering ride along’s at this Sunday’s Street Challenge Autocross at the 17th Summer Get-Together in Pleasanton.

The Bay Area based auto manufacturer, who just recently announced plans to join with Toyota to build cars at the former NUMI plant in Fremont, will be bringing their signature “Tesla Roadster” to show off and interact with fans.

The Tesla Roadster is a screamer. The car offers 0-60 acceleration in a staggering 3.7 seconds. The electric motor produces a whopping 288 horsepower @ 14,000 RPM (not a misprint!).

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to check out the world’s fastest electric performance car!

To explore Tesla Motors click here: www.teslamotors.com

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