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Coucours d’Elegance at the 17th Summer Get-Together This Weekend!

There’s big fancy doins this weekend at the 17th Summer Get-Together! Inside the spacious Young California Building Goodguys will hold the Concours d’Elegance exhibit featuring regal 30’s era Packards, Bentley’s, Duesenberg’s, Cadillac La Salles, Rolls Royce and other concourse style beauties!

The show will feature vehicles from the collections of the Blackhawk Automotive Museum, the NorCal Packard Club, Early V8 Ford Club and the Classic Car Club of America. Northern California has long been a hotbed for classic cars and concours style events, led by the grand daddy of them all – the Pebble Beach Concours which celebrates the 75th anniversary of Jaguar this August on the Monterey Peninsula.

The exclusive exhibit is being managed by Fred Zimmerman of the Blackhawk Museum. Come inside and see these beauties this weekend in Pleasanton!

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