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Need Something Striped? Check out the Panel Jam!

A special pinstriper’s “Panel Jam Brush Bash” exhibition will be one of many event features at the upcoming 17th Summer Get-Together. The Brush Bash is a special exhibit where pinstripe artists get together and stripe and letter various objects. The most popular items include garbage cans, toilet seats, hood sides, fenders, other painted metal panels, coolers, purses – almost anything!

The best part is you can bring anything you want to the event and they’ll pinstripe it for you! Car parts, body panels, toilet seats, shoes, wallets, cell phones – whatever you want to bring to be stripes – they will get you set up! Fans will also be able to purchased already striped items.
Goodguys will be holding a silent auction at the Panel Jam featuring a set of custom striped Moon Discs with the proceeds going to charity.

The Panel Jam Brush Bash will be going on all weekend inside the Hall of Commerce. Check it out!

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