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2010 Goodguys Editor’s Challenge Autocross Results!

Some of the industry’s most recognized magazine editors were in Costa Mesa today at the Goodguys 4th Meguiar’s Orange County Get-Together to compete in the Editor’s Challenge Cup Autocross. Eleven editors did battle on the course (set up as a 30-second two lap circuit) to claim ultimate victory!

This year’s winner Nick LiCata charging the course in his ’01 Camaro

This year’s format differed slightly with all editors being provided with 3 runs in 3 different vehicles. The cars included the Detroit Speed & Engineering ’69 Camaro, the Speed by Spectre ’70 Mustang fastback and a stock 2010 Dodge Challenger. They then had the option to substitute one lap in the provided vehicles with one lap in their personal car. The final results were tallied using all three runs, then dividing that number by 3 to get the competitor’s final average time.

The Detroit Speed ’69 Camaro

When the smoke had cleared it was Nick LiCata of Camaro Performers magazine that took home the trophy. Licata, who was also victorious in 2008 here in Costa Mesa logged a 32.295 in the ’70 Mustang, a 34.396 in the ’10 Dodge Challenger and a blistering 29.955 in his own 2001 4th generation Camaro he calls ‘Black Betty.” Licata’s 3-lap average was 32.2153.

The 2010 Dodge Challenger straight off the rental lot!

Car Craft’s Jeff Smith finished second with a 3-lap average of 32.2313 – just about .200th’s of a second off LiCata which made for a thrilling competition.

For his win, LiCata took home one of the new billet Goodguys awards for his desk and serious bragging rights in the hallowed halls of Source Interlink Publishing Company!

Final 3-Lap Average Times – Goodguys 2010 Editor’s Challenge
1. Nick LiCata, Camaro Performers, 32.2153
2. Jeff Smith, Car Craft Magazine, 32.2313
3. Henry DeLos Santos, Chevy Hi Performance, 32.489
4. Steven Rupp, Camaro Performers, 33.0043
5. Johnny Hunkins, Popular Hot Rodding, 34.322
6. Kirk Jones, Goodguys Gazette, 34.373
7. Sean Haggai, Chevu Hi Performance, 34.427
8. Dan Ward, Truckin Magazine, 35.341
9. Jerry Hutchcroft, Roddin’ & Ridin’ TV, 36.147
10. Doug Glad, Car Craft, DNF – Spun
11. Courtney Hallowell, World of Rods, DNF – Spun

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