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Meadors Dominates Firebird Foxhunt

-A tired but happy Goodguys Racing Team is all smiles in the Firebird Raceway Winner's Circle Saturday night. They made five runs during the day/night Foxhunt event

-A tired but happy Goodguys Racing Team is all smiles in the Firebird Raceway Winner’s Circle Saturday night. They made five runs during the day/night Foxhunt event. All photos in this article courtesy of Steven Bunker – www.racingmediasolutions.com

Firebird Raceway, Boise, ID – For the first time in his racing career, Goodguys Rod & Custom Association President Marc Meadors hit the elusive drag racer’s trifecta during last weekend’s Little Caesar’s “Foxhunt” drags at Firebird Raceway.

On a sunny Saturday in the foothill country of Boise, Idaho, Meadors and the hard working Goodguys Racing team made 5 runs in the course of the day setting low ET, top speed of the race, then winning the final after dark. To sweeten the spoils, he set both ends of the track record for Pro Modified race cars. If that wasn’t enough, he defeated one of his early heroes, John Scialpi in the final round to notch his first event win of the West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod season.

In looking back at the perfect day, Meadors sat atop the qualifying order after 2 rounds. With just five cars in attendance, he earned a first-round elimination bye-run. While some teams might have just taken the green light and idled down track, Meadors and crew chief Jason Bunker “took a shot” and ran 5.915 @ 246.10 to obliterate Bret Williamson’s 2-year old track record.

In the semifinals, Meadors and Bunker again were all business, dismissing Lee Smith’s red late model Mustang with a 5.937 @ 244.76 – a time quick and fast enough to officially back up the earlier 5.915/246.10 blast for both ends of the new Firebird Raceway Pro Mod record.

The final round came against one of Meadors’ early Pro Mod heroes; Southern California’s John “Wopadoo” Scialpi and his famous blown ’57 Chevy. When Meadors was just a teenager working for his dad Gary “Goodguy” Meadors as an up and coming event promoter, one of his jobs was to book exhibition cars for the early Goodguys “Muscle Car Shootout” drags. Scialpi was usually his first-call.

Well past sunset, Meadors’ ’69 Camaro and Scialpi’s’57 did their burnouts and loped forward to square off in the final. As both cars were fully staged, Scialpi pushed the Christmas tree and went red, giving the win to Meadors who legged out a 7.11 ET. The tracked cooled noticeably for the final and just wasn’t up to yielding another record performance despite every effort by the Firebird crew.

In the end, it really was the perfect race day for the entire Goodguys Racing Team. “You dream of days like these but any racer will tell you they’re rare,” Meadors said. “Very, very rare. My guys get all the credit. Crew chief Jason Bunker was aggressive, taking shots all evening. Sometimes it goes your way and it sticks. Today was one of those days.”

Meadors was also quick to acknowledge the Firebird track crew for providing a stellar racing surface. “Hats off to the New Crew” Meadors said. “They’re so fun to race for. The crew here always has the track in tip top shape and the fans here are awesome. For racers, it’s one of the top tracks in the country as we always get what we need here to give the fans the best show for their money. Not sure I’m gonna need a plane to fly home tonight.”

Meadors went on to thank his dedicated crew chief Jason Bunker and crew members Billy Fereira, Danny Miller and Greg Lee.

The Pure Hell2 Pro Mod is sponsored by…..Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, Red Line Oil, Neal Chance Converters, Fiber Optic Supply, Andy’s T Shirts, DMPE, JRi Shocks, Tim McAmis Race Cars, Billet Specialties and Speedway Motors.

For more on the Goodguys Racing team click here. To follow the team’s Facebook feed, click here.

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