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Meet the Goodguys Sales Team!

The Goodguys sales team is now fully stocked with four talented staff members ready to serve your every need when it comes to using Goodguys as a sales tool for your business! Led by Sales Director Ed Capen, the staff includes Matthew McCormick, Kyle Taylor, brand new hire Mike Koppel and office manager Nicole McBain.

The Goodguys Sales Team. Pictured left to right are: Mike Koppel, Matt McCormick, Nicole McBain, Kyle Taylor

You’ll see Ed, Matt, Kyle and Mike on the road all year while Nicole mans the sales office. Here’s a quick look at the sales team up close and personal!

Ed Capen (not pictured) has been involved with Goodguys sales for over ten years, working Goodguys sponsorship sales has been his main focus but he has worked closely with the advertising and vendor sales departments during his tenure. Ed moved to California in 2008 to assist with bringing the sales department in-house and has assembled a great team to help customers with any Vendor, Advertiser or Sponsor related items. Ed brings a great knowledge of the automotive field as he was the general manager of an Arizona based manufacturer of Fuel Injection and Hot Rod Parts supplier to the industry. Ed has served on the Hot Rod Industry Alliance committee of SEMA since 2006 and has been involved with Youth Awareness and Sponsorship during the five years. He currently has a few Camaro’s and Mustang’s that he enjoys working on and building, but during his time off running go karts at a local track in northern CA has filled his passion for racing.

Matt McCormick, a one year veteran of the road comes to Goodguys with a broad sales background including his own company which specialized in commercial flooring. Matt’s interest in classic cars and a new opportunity is what brought him to Goodguys. A father of two, McCormick and his wife Marcella reside in Livermore, CA with their daughters Ruby and Tara. Matt will be on site working at 17 events again this season. A versatile team member, McCormick has been a stage actor and is an avid outdoorsman.

Like Matt, Kyle Taylor spent last year getting familiar with life on the road with Goodguys. Kyle brings a strong background in sales and event coordination. In his recent roles as Regional Events Specialist at ADP and Special Events Manager for the City of Seattle, Kyle was responsible for the planning and execution of the special events calendar from pre-planning to post wrap-up. Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge to the Goodguys Sales team from his experience working in vendor management, contract negotiation, sponsorships and event logistics. The proudest moment in his career so far, was as Campaign Manager for the Mayor’s Combined Charities Initiative where he lead the city to achieve $1.5 Million in financial contributions in just 3 weeks! Kyle is a new resident to Walnut Creek, CA and his favorite car right now is the 2010 Cuda. Kyle wants a different car every week so be sure to ask him what he wants next time you see him!

The brand new guy on the Sales team is Mike Koppel. Born and raised in Pleasanton, Mike grew up looking forward to the Goodguys events. After graduating from Amador Valley High, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard. After serving for 4 years, he used the G.I. bill to obtain a B.A. from the University of California at San Diego. He then began a sales career in telecommunications at a leading company in co-location facility management.
Mike has a 2 1/2 year old daughter (Emma). In his spare time he likes to travel. His trips have included several surfing expeditions to Costa Rica, Fiji, Australia, Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia.

Office Manager Nicole McBain is the glue that keeps the Goodguys Sales Team together. Nicole’s extensive background in the real estate and lending field is the reason she is able to work so well in a very demanding position with Goodguys. Her love for cars started out when she was three years old and saw a bright hot pink VW bug! Nicole is very grateful to have a loving family. She is the proud mom of a wonderful little boy, Christopher, who is “the light of her life” as she often describes. She is very passionate about the welfare of animals and volunteers her time with organizations like PETA to help them live happy and peaceful lives. She feels blessed to be part of the Goodguys team!

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