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Goodguys Announce 2013 Builder’s Choice Awards Program

-Charlie Hutton

The Goodguys Builder’s Choice awards program returns in 2013 with new energy and a few new shops making selections! A Goodguys Builder’s Choice award is one of the highest honors your car can receive at a Goodguys National event and recognizes the nation’s finest rods, customs, trucks and muscle cars!

Each 2013 Goodguys national event will feature a Builder’s Choice parking area, to be staged on Saturday from 7am to noon. To be eligible for a Builder’s Choice award you must park in the Builder’s Choice parking area.

At 11 national events this year, the Builder’s Choice awards will be selected by the nation’s top builders, including a few new players (Charlie Hutton in Del Mar, Dave Kindig and Dave Lane in Columbus, JF Launier in Spokane, Phil & Jeremy Gerber in Indy and Dean Livermore in Scottsdale). The lineup of 2013 events featuring celebrity Builder’s Choice awards includes:

-13th Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals – Charlie Hutton – April 5-7 – Del Mar, CA
-8th Nashville Nationals – Bobby Alloway – May 17-19 – Nashville, TN
-16th Colorado Nationals – Eric Peratt/Pinkee’s Rod Shop – June 7-9 – Loveland, CO
-22nd Heartland Nationals – Roger Burman/Lakeside Rods & Rides – July 5-7 – Des Moines, IA
-16th Goodguys PPG Nationals – “The Dave’s” – Dave Kindig/Dave Lane – July 12-14 – Columbus, OH
-26th Pacific Northwest Nationals – Art & Craig Morrison – July 26-28 – Puyallup, WA
-12th Great Northwest Nationals – J.F. Launier – August 16-18 – Spokane, WA
-3rd WIX Filters Speedway Nationals -Phil & Jeremy Gerber/Roadster Shop – Indianapolis, IN
-21st Lone Star Nationals – Kenny Davis/Kenny Davis Hot Rods – Oct. 4-6 – Fort Worth, TX NEW
-20th Southeastern Nationals – Kyle & Stacy Tucker/Detroit Speed – Oct. 25-27 – Charlotte, NC
-16th Southwest Nationals – Dean Livermore/Hot Rods by Dean – Nov. 15-17 – Scottsdale, AZ

Remember, all sixteen Goodguys national events this year will feature a Builder’s Choice parking area so no matter which one you attend, if you’re interested in receiving the event’s highest honor, make sure and get your ride parked in the Builder’s Choice area Saturday’s from 7am to noon!

-Bobby Alloway

-Eric Peratt

-Dave Kindig and Dave Lane (Below)

-Art & Craig Morrison

-J.F. Launier

-Jeremy & Phil Gerber

-Kenny Davis

-Kyle & Stacy Tucker

-Dean Livermore

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