Helpful Tips on Insurance from Grundy Worldwide

What to Look for when You Shop for Collector Car Insurance
Tips from Grundy Worldwide
By: Becky McLaughlin

Collector car owners can be found across this country; in fact, they are all over this world. Since members of the Grundy family and their friends started restoring and preserving old cars many years ago, outside of Philadelphia, the hobby has boomed in popularity and participation; and, it constantly evolves and grows. Today, there are “car guys” of all kinds: from the antique car owners who cherish the history and preservation of their cars to the muscle car and hot rod owners who divulge in nostalgia… and, from the low-riders of Southern California and the tattooed crowd that partakes in the “Kustom Kulture” scene… to the luxury car owners who attend Concours events. As diverse as these folks may be, they all have one thing in common: they love old cars.

While possessing such love and passion for old cars, it seems natural that car guys would seek out special insurance to protect their most valued possessions. During the search for insurance for a specialty vehicle, there are a few things we at Grundy Worldwide would advise car collectors to consider. We have compiled the following list to help you shop for collector vehicle insurance. We, of course, urge you to insure with us!

1. Agreed Value Insurance
2. What’s Covered
3. Superior Claims Service
4. Company Reputation
5. Customer Service
6. Usage, Storage and Mileage Restrictions
7. Price


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