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Original Batmobile, Goodguys Award Winners Highlight 2013 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction

-George Barris' original "Batmobile" highlights the 42nd annual Barrett-Jackson Classic Car auction January 12-20 at Westworld in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona based Barrett-Jackson Auction Company will hold their 42nd annual Scottsdale car auction January 12-20, 2013 at Westworld and as usual – there are some heavy hitters in the lineup! The headliner this year is the original 1966 “Batmobile” ’55 Lincoln Futura – the prized possession of legendary Hollywood customizer and former Goodguys  Hot Rod Hero George Barris. The Batmobile is scheduled to cross the block Saturday evening January 19th. Also crossing the block will be Barry Blomquist’s Goodguys 2009 Street Machine of the Year winning ’62 Corvette and his Goodguys 2010 Truck of the Year-Late winning ’56 F-100 big-window pick up. Another Goodguys award winner – the Ringbrothers-built “Dragon” ’70 Mustang Mach I fastback will also be auctioned off as well. It was a finalist for the Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award a few years back.

Goodguys will be on hand with a booth during this year’s festivities and we’ll be displaying the Goodguys “Tribute ‘32” Giveaway car built by Kindig-it Design. Make sure and come by to see the car, renew your Goodguys membership (or join for the first time) and pick up a Goodguys 2013 event schedule!

For many – the original Batmobile being sold at auction is a big, big deal. “There are only a few things in life that are able to capture the soul of an era and the Batmobile by George Barris did exactly that,” said Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. Whether you’re a car collector, entertainment enthusiast, or an average Joe looking to buy his dream car, you’re going to want to witness history being made in January with the sale of this car.”

The Batmobile features a 390-cubic-inch 1956 Lincoln V-8 engine and a B&M Hydro Automatic transmission, as well as some sweet Bat-gadgets. Such gadgets include a nose-mounted aluminum Cable Cutter Blade, Bat Ray Projector, Anti-Theft Device, Detect-a-scope, Batscope, Bat Eye Switch, Antenna Activator, Police Band Cut-In Switch, Automatic Tire Inflation Device, Remote Batcomputer, the Batphone, Emergency Bat Turn Lever, Anti-Fire Activator, Bat Smoke, Bat Photoscope, and many other Bat gadgets.

If you’re a Gen-X’er and were born in the 60s or 70s, you know what a big deal this really is! Estimated Batmobile sale prices are in the 2-3 million dollar range. Make sure and tune into Speed TV’s extensive Barrett-Jackson coverage to see what these iconic vehicles sell for!

The Goodguys 2009 Street Machine of the Year, better known as the Roadster Shop-built "C1RS" Corvette will be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson

- "Dragon" - a 1970 Mach I built by the Ringbrothers is a former top 5 finalist for the Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award

-Stop by the Goodguys booth at Barrett-Jackson and see the 2013-2014 Grand Prize Giveaway Car - the "Tribute '32" (foreground) built by Kindig-it Design

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