Goodguys Lose a Friend…

-Fred Zimmerman. Truly a Goodguy

It’s with great sadness we announce the passing our friend Fred Zimmerman. Fred lost his brief battle with cancer today. He was 69.

A hot rodder since age 14 in his native Kansas, Fred Zimmerman embodied the soul and spirit of a true hot rodder. His kind demeanor made him a pleasure to be around. His ability to coordinate hot rod-related activities made him a very popular member of the Danville Dukes car club – a group of guys he loved with all his heart. Fred also contributed greatly to Goodguys events over the years.

Since its inception, Fred was the driving force behind Goodguys Hot Rod Week – the annual August hot rod driving tour preceding the West Coast Nationals. Fred, with help from some other Danville Dukes, planned the route, drove the roads to make sure they weren’t too bumpy and made sure everything was in order so hundreds of hot rodders could enjoy themselves. Fred also got the majority of cars for the Goodguys Concourse-style shows in Pleasanton featuring museum-quality classics from the 20s and 30s. After retiring from AT & T, he worked as a docent then moved on to manage the bookstore at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum.

At events and on the street, Fred’s hot rod was hard to miss. It was a black, perfectly stanced  ’32 Ford 3 window coupe with a polished Moon tank out front and polished Americans on all four corners. It was a bitchin’ hot rod.

Besides his passion for hot rodding, Fred loved traveling to Europe with his wife Artie. He was particularly fond of Southern Germany and Austria.

“It’s a very sad day for the Goodguys Family,” said Goodguys founder and Chairman Gary Meadors. “Fred truly was a Goodguy. As good as they come. We will miss him big time.”

Thank you for everything you did for Goodguys and hot rodding Fred.

-The Goodguys Gang

-Fred's flawless '32 3-window

-Fred with his grandchildren at the Goodguys Colorado Nationals

-Fred and his wife Artie in Ireland

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