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SEMA Action Network – Protecting our passion!

Did you know that hot rods, customs, street machines and classic cars like the one’s we own and show at events are routinely misidentified as “gross polluters” and are easy targets for environmental cleanup legislation by politicians nationwide?

As a collective group, car hobbyists like ourselves need to stay informed on what’s happening in our local government and that’s why the SEMA Action Network is so valuable! The SAN helps cars guy and gals like us stay current on what issues we face on a state by state basis that threaten our beloved hobby. For example, take a look at the current issues going on right now in certain states by clicking here

You can take action by joining the SAN To keep informed on these issues. You can also read the monthly “Driving Force” newsletter’s online by clicking here

Together we have a collective voice and we will be heard! We can and do make a difference by getting educated and staying on top of important issues regarding our hobby on a local and national basis. We are lucky to have a group like the SAN working on our behalf!

About the S.A.N.
The SEMA Action Network is a nationwide partnership of car clubs, and individual enthusiasts (like you) who work together to impact legislation that affects car and truck hobbyists of all kinds. By joining the SAN you will receive up-to-date alerts on hobby-related legislation in your state and across the country.

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