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Livermore man wins ’65 Buick Giveaway Car!

Larry Rodriguez of Livermore, California won the Goodguys/Live 105/CBS 5 1965 Buick Giveaway car Sunday, November 15th at the 20th Autumn Get-Together in Pleasanton. Rodriguez, a long time Goodguys member with seven classic cars in his garage, was one of over 20 finalists who gathered at the fairgrounds for their shot at winning.

After everyone had drawn a key out of a hat (only one key would start the engine signifying the winner), Rodriguez had to patiently wait his turn while 12 others tried and failed to win the car before he stepped inside and fired the motor. “This is amazing! After all the conetsts I’ve entered over the years, I finally won! I feel kinda dizzy. My heart was beating so hard when the engine fired!”

Rodriguez has been a Goodguys member since 1994 and regularly attends Goodguys events in Pleasanton. He works for the Contra Costa Times newspaper in the building services division. In his hometown of Livermore, he regularly drives and enjoys all his classics which include two Hudson’s (a ’51 and a ’53), a ’51 Plymouth Concord, a ’54 Mercury, a ’66 Thunderbird a ’62 Impala and now thanks to his good fortune – a 1965 Buick.

His new ’65 Buick LeSabre is powered by a 364 cubic inch, 355 horsepower Wildcat engine. Additional features include Vintage Air under dash AC, Intro Custom Wheels, exterior treatment from Steele Rubber Products and a light blue coat of Sherwin Williams Paint.

Congratulations to Larry from Goodguys, Live 105.3FM and CBS5!

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