Former Goodguys/VRA Race Reporter Darryl Jackman Passes

Darryl Jackman, the former race reporter that brought thousands of race fans around the country instant drag race results during the Goodguys/VRA West Coast Championship Series, has passed away.

Jackman started reporting in real time from Goodguys Vintage Drag Racing events in 2002 and soon gained a huge following through the website Drag Race Central. Jackman worked right along side the announcers in the tower, taking notes on each and every run throughout the duration of the weekend. He built the entire vintage drag racing database that Drag Race Central still uses to this day during his time reporting for Goodguys and DRC.

He took his reporting job very seriously and went to great lengths to make sure everything was right, down to the last decimal point of a run, before it was published. His professional skills and his warm personality endeared him to the entire Goodguys/VRA staff and competitors.

Darryl was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital recently and did not survive complications from the necessary surgery and a pre-existing cancer. He is survived by his wife, Laurel, and a sister, Patti.

No information is currently available from the family on Services or Memorials.

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