And They’re Off! Rodfather/Goodguys Road Tour Officially Underway!

-Rodfather/Goodguys Road Tour participants leaving the Goodguys offices this morning on their way to the Bonneville Salt Flats - the site of the tour's official "launch" this Friday 9/14

The group of Northern California based Rodfather/Goodguys Road Tour participants convened at Goodguys Headquarters this morning here in Pleasanton, California and will pick up other cruisers on their way to Reno, Nevada for a stopover tonight.

They’ll then leave Reno tomorrow morning and head to Werst Wendover, Nevada on the edge of the Bonneville Salt Flats to meet all other cruise participants from around the country for Friday’s official tour blast off!

Daily video clips and photo’s will be posted to so make sure and check out the daily activity as this historic hot rod tour makes its way across America towards next weekend’s Goodguys 2nd WIX Filters Speedway Nationals Sept 21-23 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

You can also check out tour update photos on our Facebook page!

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