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Woman of the Year Angie Johnson cracks 155mph at Bonneville

-Angie Johnson and her 155mph ride - Bob Johnson's blown 2001 Ford Lightning

Your Goodguys 2012 Woman of the Year, Angie Johnson is FAST! This past week up at the SCTA Bonneville Speed Weeks, Angie had the opportunity to make land speed runs in the CBMP class (for blown modified pickups).

Driving longtime family friend Bob Johnson’s (no relation) supercharged 2001 Ford Lightning pickup, Angie was clocked at 155.865 at the 3 mile marker. She got her competition license signed off and the whole deal! She was quick to thank both Bob Johnson for the ride and to friend George Poteet who provided her firesuit, helmet and other equipment.

She indicated that land speed racing at Bonneville is something she and her husband Alan have grown fond of and are currently building a ’53 Studebaker for a customer to race at next year’s Speed Weeks.

Way to go Angie! Next stop 300mph?

-Fun with the fire suit!

-Suited up and ready for action

-Getting strapped in by husband Alan

-Angie's 155mph time slip and competition license. It's official! She's FAST!

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