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Extended Saturday Hours for Goodguys 21st Heartland Nationals!

-Join us this Saturday June 30th at the 21st Heartland Nationals in Des Moines for a spectacular fireworks show!

This weekend’s 21st Heartland Nationals includes extended spectator gate hours on Saturday, June 30th. Event gates will open to the public @ 8am and stay open until 8pm in advance of the live Saturday night entertainment and fireworks show!

Recording artists “The Crown Vics” will take the main fairgrounds stage @ 8pm playing their awesome nostalgic rock & roll until well after dark. When the ‘Vics are finished, Goodguys will light up the Des Moines skyline with a spectacular 4th of July fireworks show!

Come early and stay late this Saturday, June 30th at the Goodguys 21st Heartland Nationals! Click here for complete event details!

-Live music by "The Crown Vics!"

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