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Goodguys Classifieds Website Gathering Momentum

Business has shifted into high gear over at www.goodguysclassifieds.com! In the last 30 days over a quarter million visitors stopped by the new online automotive swap meet to see what’s for sale! The site had over 255,000 page views from 21,000 visits. That’s an average of 12 pages viewed per visit! When was the last time your car for sale got that much visibility? 

The classified shoppers are serious too. With an average visit time of more than 6 minutes there’s a giant audience out there just waiting to pounce on the right deal. Constantly growing with new posts, the site showcases hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, classics, trick trucks, vintage drag racing machinery, parts and more – all for sale! 

Got a car to sell? Got some parts to sell? Head over to www.goodguysclassifieds.com and get started today!

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