49 States in 9 Days – Checking in with Dave Schaub

Article courtesy of Laura Fishman – Los Gatos Observer

Dave Schaub is about to embark on a journey that seems almost impossible. In his 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster, the 59-year-old Los Gatos resident will be traveling through all 49 of the mainland United States in a mere 9 days.

Schaub has set up his road trip as a fundraiser, where he hopes to raise at least $100,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities. He is asking for just a penny a mile, or $98 for his 9,800 mile drive. “It’s a win-win for me because I love driving cars and if it’s going to help some kids out, then that would be really cool,” he said.

Schaub, the founder of Schaub’s Meat, Fish and Poultry in Palo Alto, got the idea for his driving fundraiser from a friend who said driving through 48 states in 10 days couldn’t be done. After doing some research, Schaub took on the challenge and one-upped his buddy by committing to 49 states in just 9 days.

Schaub is set to start his expedition on September 9 in Needles, CA at 12:01am, and will be crossing the finish line in Hyder, AK on September 17. As a longtime hot rod enthusiast, Schaub has driven across the country several times and says he has grown accustomed to driving 1,300 miles a day.

In order to train for the long, grueling drive ahead, Schaub has been walking 10 miles three times a week, from Los Gatos to Saratoga and back. For the past year he has also trained himself to sleep for no more than six hours a night. And while his wife hassles him for spending hours each day in his chair using his computer, he assures her in a jokingly manner that he’s “in training.”

Most of Schaub’s driving will be done at night in order to avoid traffic through large cities, so that his vehicle can “fly under the radar.” He will be taking power naps along the way and has committed himself to driving no more than 16 hours daily for his own health and safety. “Sixteen hours is on the edge of sane. Any more than that would be crazy,” Schaub says.

In the Roadster, Schaub will be tracking his journey through a GPS navigation system, and people will be able to visually see his progress through an interactive map embedded on his personal website.

On Friday Aug. 21 at the 23rd West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, Schaub will talk to fans and the press about his journey. For more information about Dave Schaub’s road trip or to donate to his cause, visit www.49in9.com.

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