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Win a Kicker Ipod Docking Station!

Hey Goodguys and Gals! When you’re out visiting your favorite Goodguys event this year, keep an eye out for the Goodguys survey team! They’ll be the cool kids holding Ipads and wearing yellow Kicker Audio shirts. Take a few moments to take the survey and you’ll automatically be entered to win a Kicker Ipod Docking Station! By quickly surveying our event attendees we can continue to improve our events and give you what you want in automotive entertainment!

Kicker Ipod Docking stations are state of the art and make for a great home stereo! Designed to be the loudest docking station on the market, the Kicker iK501 lets you get more out of your iPod than ever before!

To see Kicker’s superior line of audio products, visit them here: http://www.kicker.com/

By taking a simple survey you'll be eligible to win a Kicker IK501 Ipod Docking Station!

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