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‘Flashback Sunday’ one of many highlights of 30th All American Get-Together

1983 models like the popular Ford Mustang GT 5.0 will have their own special parking place on "Flashback Sunday!"

To celebrate the 30th annual Goodguys All American Get-Together, scheduled for March 24 & 25 at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds, we’re sending out a special invitation to all 1983 model American powered cars and trucks to participate in a special display at the big event! The “Flashback Sunday” exhibit will feature all the top cars from that fateful year.

That’s right. It was 1983 when Goodguys started the All American Get-Together at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Back then – it was a one day show and attracted over 400 American powered cars of all years, makes & models.

The hot cars of ’83 included the IROC Z28 Camaro, Mustang 5.0 GT, Chevy Caprice Classics, Ford Thunderbird, Pontiac 6000 and Sunbird, among others. On TV, MASH, LaVerne and Shirley, Chips and Taxi were dominating the ratings. Scarface, Return of the Jedi, Risky Business, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Flashdance and Christine were the top draws at the box office. The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” topped the Billboard top 100.

While the 1983 model vehicles are more than welcome to come out Saturday to participate in the 30th All American Get-Together, the special “Flashback Sunday” parking area will be staged on Sunday, March 25th near the Double Decker bus! All you need to do is drive in with your 1983 model and start patrying with your fellow 1983′ers!

Get our your muscle pants, cassette tape players, neon green sunglasses and mullet’s ready for “Flashback Sunday!” For more on the 30th All American Get-Together, Click here: www.allamericangettogether.com

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