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Let Goodguys help you find the Cheapest Gas This Summer!

With the summer event season right around the corner we wanted to pass along this handy new web feature which enables you to find the cheapest gas in your local area or areas you’re traveling to! Welcome to the Goodguys Cheap Gas Finder!

Goodguys Cheap Gas Finder is a special addition to all of our event websites and is good for the entire U.S.! It allows users to search for the cheapest gas by city, state or zip code! It’s updated hourly and very easy to use! You will find the link to the cheap gas finder map under the “event info” tab on all 2011 Goodguys event websites.

When you open the link to the page, just type the city, state or zip you want to find cheap gas into the white search bar to the upper right of the screen.

Try it out by clicking here!

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