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Washington State Passes Historic Classic Car Bill, Art & Craig Morrison Represent Hot Rodders at Ceremony!

OLYMPIA, WA – With Art & Craig Morrison representing our industry and looking on, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire signed Senate Bill 5585 into law yesterday, further clarifying the licensing and registration of certain types of automobiles. Sen. Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood and devout auto hobbyist, sponsored the bill to modify the state’s vehicle-registration and -title laws.

(Photo: Art and Craig Morrison flank Senator Mike Carrell (R-Lakewood) – the sponsor of Senate Bill 5585 at the Capital in Olympia, Washington Tuesday, April 19th.)

SB 5585 will allow owners of classic cars, including kits and replicas, to license their vehicles using the same model-year designation as the production vehicle they most closely resemble. The bill also exempts street rods and custom cars from a range of standard-equipment requirements and emissions inspections. Carrell added that these custom cars are often purchased as a kit and assembled from the ground up by hobbyists.

“I couldn’t believe how important this bill had become to those in the hobby-car community,” Carrell said. “I’ve received dozens of e-mails, phone calls and letters – one from as far away as Paris, France – thanking me for sponsoring this bill. There’s a huge groundswell of support for this legislation, and as a car collector myself I’m very proud to have sponsored it.”

(Photo: Washington State Governor Gov. Christine Gregoire signs Senate Bill 5585 into law as the Morrsion’s look on. The historic bill takes effect Oct 1st.)

The Morrison’s had been close allies to Senator Carrell throughout the entire process of bringing the bill forward and exchanged many phone calls and e-mails over the last several months. “It was an honor to be part this system and to give back to the automotive enthusiasts of Washington State,” said Craig Morrison.

SB 5585 passed the Senate unanimously on Feb. 28, and passed the House of Representatives 95-1 on April 5. The bill takes effect Oct. 1.

In looking at this historic bill passing, it reads like a dream-come-true list for members of our rod & custom industry. With ongoing struggles surrounding titling and emissions in California (the birthplace of hot rodding) and other states, one can only hope that news of this SB5585 will spread to the men and women of local and national governments. Luckily, our friends at SEMA are constantly fighting for us and keeping us informed. Ultimately it is up to every one of us in the rod & custom industry to stay informed and fight for our rights.

A huge tip of the cap to Art & Craig Morrison for their efforts in helping get SB5585 passed into law!

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