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Jim Crescenti Wins 2010 GT Mustang!

Jim Crescenti, a retired automotive and motorcycle enthusiast from Oakdale, California was drawn as the lucky winner of the 2010 GT Mustang! The car, part of a yearlong promotion between Goodguys and the Ford Motor Company was delivered to Crescenti at Goodguys headquarters Tuesday, December 14th.

His new Mustang is fresh off the factory floor and features a 4.6 liter V8, 5 speed transmission, tinted windows, black leather upholstery, black paint and a booming sound system equipped with Sirius Satellite radio! Added bonuses include throaty Flowmaster exhaust and NXT Generation air filter and under hood accessories!

Turns out this will be Crescenti’s 3rd Mustang. He bought a 1969 428 Cobra Jet Mach I when he was in the military and currently owns a potent 2007 Shelby GT that he shows at the Goodguys Get-Together events in Pleasanton. He’s been a member of Goodguys and the California Mustang Club for several years. He now adds the brand new GT Mustang to his stable of pony cars.

When we called him Monday the 13th to let him know he’d won he shared how “This is really gonna make my wife’s day! She’s needed a new car for years,” he said emphatically. “She’s going to be beside herself! This is awesome! I’ve never won anything – I mean nothing my entire life and then I get the phone call I’ve won the Goodguys Mustang. That’s amazing. It’s Christmas time too! What could be better?”

Throughout the year, potential winners filled out a digital survey at the Goodguys big rig at all 23 events in hopes of winning the car. A finalist was pulled from each of the events as well as one online contest finalist to create a total pool of 24 finalists from what was estimated to be over 700,000 contest entries. Crescenti’s name was randomly drawn as the winner from the 24 finalists.

He was a participant at this year’s Summer Get-Together June 5-6 in Pleasanton. It was at the Summer Get-Together that he filled out the survey and entered the contest. A similar promotion is planned for next year with another GT Mustang so make sure you enter to win!

Congratulations to Jim from all of us at Goodguys!

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